Palette 23

New week of the colorpalettechallenge and a new color challenge!

Actually, this time i totally knew what to draw. Of course overlay and multiply was here, and therefore Caspar the King and Isabella the Queen are dressed in red and peach and gold. 

As you may or may not remember from a Royal story, Isabella was introduced to Caspar during royal matchmaking. Despite her origins she became a queen and a true love of Caspar’s life.


Eeveelution stickers, charms, and magnets! c:

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Gimme Some C12H22O11 Baby!" is all finished!  I’m really proud of this fanart since I wasn’t sure how I was gonna complete it but I somehow managed!

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I NEVER KNEW HOW BADLY I NEEDED HAIKYUU!! RULE 63 UNTIL I DREW ONE. and I should be working, working on important stuff

but there was no escape, my hand was drawing uncontrollably 

also a little bonus with managers which I was too tired to finish:

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